Wealth Management Resources

The following resources will help you manage, calculate, and organize your wealth.


image of Personal Wealth Organizer book

Personal Wealth Organizer

Don’t leave your family in an overwhelming position. Download this Personal Wealth Organizer to help ensure a smooth transition of financial responsibilities.


Quick Looks

PWM’s “Quick Looks” are simple yet powerful interactive worksheets that can be completed either online or offline.

image of Account Info Organizer quick look

Account & Advisor Organizer 

Have you ever forgot a username or password? Or maybe even your advisor’s contact information? Download our practical Account & Advisor Organizer Quick Look, and never worry about forgetting account information again!


image of Budget quick Look

Budgeting Template

Documenting your income and expenses is one of the most important steps toward managing your money. Download this easy-to-use Budgeting Quick Look to get on top of your monthly living costs and expenses.


image of Estate Planning Checklist quick look

Estate Planning Checklist

One of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones is an organized estate. Download this Estate Plan Checklist Quick Look to discover potential gaps in your estate plan before it is too late.


image of Net Worth Calculation quick look

What’s Your Net Worth?

Where do you stand financially? Calculating your net worth is an important step in gaining control of your wealth. Download this simple Net Worth Calculator Quick Look to get an accurate estimate of your net worth.