Investment Philosophy

Simplifying the investment process, we call that Intelligent Investing.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Safe

From our experience the components of a properly diversified portfolio should be transparent, liquid, highly tax efficient, and contain minimal—if any—external or embedded fees. Unlike many advisors, we do not endorse allocating substantial capital to hedge funds, investment partnerships, separate account managers, or theoretical “black box” investment models.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

The purpose of incorporating different asset classes in a portfolio is to maximize returns and mitigate risk. Our typical client will have exposure, in varying percentages and at various times, to:

  • High Quality Dividend Paying Equities
  • US Multinationals and Non-US companies
  • Select participation in Small-Mid Cap companies
  • Short-Intermediate term Fixed Income investments
  • Carefully selected ETF’s and/or Mutual Funds